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In many houses, silverfish have become a major problem as they are causing harm to the construction of the wooden structure. Everything that is glued in your house will be attacked by these small inch measuring insects. Once the glue is removed by the silverfish, the structure becomes less resistant to external forces that try to put them down.

Home Remedies to get rid of silverfishJust think of a pole that is concerned with the main structure holding your home and the silverfish would come and attack this particular pole. That would only mean a great reduction in your home strength and also a major decrease in your safety within that home.

Sometimes it can be tricky when they would attack the glued book pages one by one or in group and thus putting a mess to your collection of books.

People need to know that Silverfish have a very long life span and procreate a lot through their long life. The female Silverfish can live up to 3 years and lay a numerous quantity of egg during that time, her role being only this.

So you may find it easy to know where those pests actively come from and destroy them within their habitat but that would be vain since the female would have already lay her eggs somewhere else and the next month, it is with the new generation of Silverfish that you will be dealing with, unless you have the methods to eliminate the eggs also.

Why should we get rid of Silverfish?

They are small insects that get very annoying with time and for the mess they cause. In the long run, they populate a lot and their presence in your home will appear like an invasion if not treated properly. They usually live in warm and poorly ventilated areas similarly to other insects like cockroaches. Once you would understand their presence in your home, then you will be able to see at what speed they will cause a mess around your place if you do nothing to stop them.

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These insects have only one main role in their life. They keep looking for food, which is anything with starch content and any matter containing polysaccharides, such as the dextrin found in adhesives. So be aware that you know now what would attract a silverfish colony to stay by your place. They must have an easy way in and have a good reason to stay there, if not for the food available, it could be the ideal conditions to populate into your walls or under your carpet.

They are most fascinated in eating the glued wallpaper which you would have carefully stuck on your wall, else it would attack your library of books and if the books are carefully stored in piles of boxes, then it is the ideal destination for the Silverfish colony to populate there.

They populate a lot if they are not taken care of. These insects have probably a similar role to any living organism, live, eat and procreate. So that would mean their only mission is to find the perfect place to stay and get the food or if the food is already available within their habitat place, then they can have a very peaceful life inside your home.

geridofsilverfishWe might not be able to see them at all times but they can be traced by their mould which they shed often during their multiplication. They should be treated as soon as they are traced as they can cause tremendous loss and damage to our belongings. They can pierce through our clothes, leaving a yellow stain on it while they can also dig through your walls and scrap the plaster out of the walls, leaving ugly holes in your wall.


Many people recommend to get rid of silverfish ass soon as you would discover one site viewing your home. You should not hesitate to find their place of stay before they begin to make great damage to your belongings. There exist some proper methods to correctly get rid of the Silverfish from your home while they would instantly disappear if your follow the instructions. Else you may end up with a come back of these pests to haunt you.


So How do I get Rid Silverfish in my House?

  • Firstly, you should localize their habitat. They usually thrive in warm, damp areas such as leaky furnace rooms and poorly ventilated laundry rooms, and are shy insects that are rarely seen in the daytime. So looking for them should be done at the perfect timing of the day. Any place with excess moisture inside your home is a good place for them to live, either water dropping from your bathroom floor or even moisture within your kitchen where the refrigerator normally drops some excessive water. These can be the ideal places for the Silverfish to populate and cause gradual mess to your living environment. They can also be found outdoors within birds’ nests, body of dead animals or on the bark of wood. Finding their habitat is the only way to start initiating the process to get rid of them.

  • Stop offering them free lunch and a place to stay. So better stop leaving the food unpacked after finishing your meals and leave your books at their disposal. They would not prefer to ask you before attacking the glued pages of your book while you are not around. It is advisable to look for any cracks around your walls and doors, which is the only way these pests keep inviting themselves inside your home. Once you close the door, they can still manage to enter your house and it is your duty to find out how. Then you will be able to control their movements and eventually get rid of them instead of inviting them to your place and giving them free lunch.

  • Make you home uncomfortable for them. Since they like warm and moist dark places, having the opposite atmosphere reigning in your place is the ideal conditions to keep the Silverfish out. Try to dry out your home as much as possible and there may be some change in the frequency you would see any insect crawling inside your place.

Now, there are still ways to kill those silverfish insects that would rather destroy your home instead of living peacefully with you. So the choice is already made and there exist three methods to get rid of them; the natural, the chemical and electrical ways. While you would opt for the most convincing and promising one, it may not be the perfect solution adapted to your place. Sometimes, having other pets going around or children hanging everywhere within your house may not allow you to spray out a chemical product wherever you want.

You should be very careful using these stuffs because they not only cause death to the insects but they can also harm other living creatures. The natural way to get rid of silverfish is by using medicinal plants such citrus crushed into a liquid. This is a repellant for most insects and also adds a citrus scent to your place. It can prove very effective at the start but you should be persistent and keep the use of citrus spray a habit to permanently get rid of the Silverfish. While the electronic would only make use of the insect repellant ultrasonic vibrations gadgets that have been proven effective for mosquitoes.

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